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Terracotta Art
Terracotta Art
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Terracotta Art is the earliest form of plastic art in which the Bengal artists excelled. The art products in terracotta or burnt clay satisfied the creative impulse of the artists and also met the domestic and ritual needs of ordinary man. Clay objects were either baked in the sun or burnt into terracotta for hardening and durability and were used by man in his daily life since pre-historic times. The abundant finds of objects made of terracotta in Bengal is a sure evidence of the use of clay as a most common and popular medium of art expression of the people from the very dawn of civilisation in this deltaic land.

The art was practised in Bengal from the earliest through early medieval to medieval times and even persisted on Hindu monuments till the mid-nineteenth century. The art is noticed in all forms - small clay figurines, clay sculptures in the round, but the most notable ones are the plaques. Terracotta panels and friezes, used as surface decoration on brick buildings, are Bengal's remarkable contributions to the sum-total of South Asian art.

Today, teracotta pottery, though is not used for basic needs, a designer pot nevertheless has retained its place for exciting interior design and decoration. Skilled potters apply twists and turns, cut patterns and myriad shapes on the teracotta pots. A vast range of vases, wall hangings, pots, chimes, ornaments etc. are also made for specials occasions and for interior decorations.

Available in variegated designs, these items seem very popular around the world. The craft being very old and ancient is undergoing a complete revival and experts feel, its still evolving.

Vedique brings you an assortment of teracotta artwork to add to your collection.
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